Personal Loans of 15 thousand euros to consolidate old debt

Personal loans of 15 thousand euros : which are the best of the moment? In May 2016 there are no shortage of proposals from credit institutions and financial companies, and now that loan applications are again on the increase, especially that type of loans not directly related to the acquisition of a good or service, it is useful to do a comparison of the best proposals currently on the market. With the help of the loan comparators on the web, you can choose between the various financials opting for the best available: in this month of May 2016, the most convenient offers come from Astrofinance, Cleopar, Pesticredit and Bank Popular. Here in detail the offers of the 4 institutions with all the parameters necessary to evaluate the convenience, laying the basis for a loan request of 15 thousand euros, a sum to be spent without being aimed at the purchase of a specific asset.


Let’s begin this brief overview with the Astrofinance Personal Loan, which offers a repayment plan for an advanced loan of 15 thousand euros, with a 60-month return plan:

  • Fixed APR of 6.48 percent
  • TAN fixed at 6.30 percent
  • Monthly payment of 292.10 euros

Recall that the first two parameters refer respectively to the Annual Effective Annual Rate, ie the effective cost of the loan, and to the Nominal Rate, ie the interest rate applied in the specific. It must be said that the loan offered by Astrofinance does not include ancillary costs, and allows you to sign the contract online via digital signature. Furthermore, the amount of the monthly payment can be changed without additional costs.


The Cleopar finance company of the Mediobanca group with the Total Flex loan allows new customers to apply for a loan of up to 30 thousand euros until 30 June 2016: a 15 thousand euro repayable over 5 years is assumed as base assumptions. interest of the Cleopar proposal:

  • APR of 11.29 percent
  • 9.90 percent TAN
  • Monthly payment of 322.74 euros

This type of loan offered is called Total Flex because it is a flexible loan where you can reduce the monthly installment amount by extending the repayment plan, without additional costs, and you can take advantage of the option to jump the installment once a year up to 5 times, postponing the payment at the end of the term. The loan is also repaid early. An interesting proposal for those who need a variable amortization plan.


Data in hand, comparing the interest rates one of the best offers of the month is the Loan between Privati offered by the web platform Pesticredit, the credit system that is supported by the contribution of multiple micro-financiers, under the supervision of the company Agata. For 15 thousand euros in 5 years:

  • APR of 5.38 percent
  • TAN of 3.90 percent
  • Monthly payment of € 275.60

Online request procedure with reply within 24 hours from sending the documentation, without opening costs and without early termination charges. The default for unpaid or late payments is 10 euros each.

Bank Popular

We close the overview of May 2016 offers for personal loans of € 15 thousand with the Presto loan from Bank Popular, which can also be extended up to € 30 thousand. In the case of the school examined, interest rates and costs are:

  • APR of 13.30 percent
  • TAN fixed at 11.99 percent
  • Monthly payment of 333.60 euros

No further advantages are known to the applicant regarding ancillary costs.

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